Friday, 5 February 2010

Folksy Friday!

Oooh my first folksy friday blog! Here are some little spring treasures I have found on folksy this friday! Can you guess what song I have stuck in my head this morning???

Cheerful Sunflower stud earrings from abilu creations

Probably not my favourite thing in fluffstuffs incredible shop of wonders but these lollipop earrings are still quite cute!

There some brilliant little animal illustrations in superfumi's shop too!

and these made me smile from the Kooky*boutique!


  1. Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows,
    Everything that's wonderful is what I feel when we're together,
    Brighter than a lucky penny,

    oh dear, I got this stuck in my head for about 3 weeks last year... and now it's back :D

  2. Love your folksy friday post (and of course, as always still loving your work!)
    I wanted to award you with a Sunshine Award - details on my blog
    Maddi (Makes) xxx