Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Winners, winners, winners.

Its a great day as our website has won a position in the Archive of the Best Flash Animation site. Four sites were nominated and then the final choice was down to public vote. We competed against web design sites from France, Croatia and The Phillipines. By Wednesday the Croatian site and My Pearl Box had pulled ahead of the others and then in the last 36 hours support for the Croatian site slowed right down whilst ours just carried on as strong as ever.
The whole process was very exciting, everyone in the family was constantly checking progress from dawn right through the day to late at night. The final evening was a bit like election night, staying up to see how the voting was changing, and praying that we wouldnt be pipped at the post. We finished 120 hits ahead with 2456 visits, from 95 countries around the world. I am glad it wasnt much more or we would have run out of bandwidth.
The final award was for Technical Merit, and one our designer, Ella, fully deserves.

United States 2884
India 1605
Great Britain 1366
Germany 717
Netherlands 483
Brazil 405
Italy 388
France 366
Mexico 325
Portugal 325
Canada 312
Romania 306
European country 300
Poland 275
Turkey 241
Australia 235
Philippines 231
Russian Federation 222
Malaysia 194
Colombia 183
Spain 182
Switzerland 163
Belgium 155
Greece 153
Croatia 152
Finland 135
Argentina 135
Denmark 129
Sweden 118
Austria 117
Former Czechoslovakia 111
Ukraine 108
Iran 98
South Africa 97
Bulgaria 95
Indonesia 94
Ireland 88
Israel 83
China 79
South Korea 78
Thailand 78
Slovenia 75
Unknown 73 ???
Japan 68
Hungary 64
Singapore 62
Czech Republic 58
Saudi Arabia 57
Tunisia 54
Pakistan 52
Morocco 51
Slovak Republic 50
Peru 48
Norway 46
Venezuela 45
United Arab Emirates 44
Egypt 42
Lithuania 35
Sri Lanka 33
Puerto Rico 32
Chile 30
Algeria 29
Bolivia 28
Estonia 28
Nepal 27
Vietnam 26
Kenya 24
Bangladesh 23
Guatemala 23
New Zealand 23
Lebanon 21
Costa Rica 20
Uruguay 20
Nicaragua 19
Hong Kong 19
Macedonia 18
Qatar 15
Taiwan 10
Syria 8
Bahrain 8
Ecuador 7
Jamaica 7
Bosnia-Herzegovina 7
Latvia 7
Moldova 7
Honduras 6
Iceland 6
Malta 6
Luxembourg 6
Jordan 6
Cyprus 5
Burkina Faso 5
Libya 5
Trinidad and Tobago 5
Panama 5
Georgia 1
Dominican Republic 1
Sudan 1
Mongolia 1

Friday, 5 February 2010

Folksy Friday!

Oooh my first folksy friday blog! Here are some little spring treasures I have found on folksy this friday! Can you guess what song I have stuck in my head this morning???

Cheerful Sunflower stud earrings from abilu creations

Probably not my favourite thing in fluffstuffs incredible shop of wonders but these lollipop earrings are still quite cute!

There some brilliant little animal illustrations in superfumi's shop too!

and these made me smile from the Kooky*boutique!

Friday, 29 January 2010

Valentines on Folksy

I needed a miserable cold day to jerk me into sorting out a longstanding problem. Changing the items in our My Pearl Box webshop is a relatively long process and not something I can do myself so now we have created Pearl Box at Folksywhich is an outlet site that I think is quite wonderful.
We have started off with a small range suitable for Valentines, but now I know just how easy it is we will be adding more very soon.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Little Crane

I am lucky enough to have a family of creative children, musically, artistically and craftily. Emily, My youngest daughter, who produced all the drawings for our web site has set up a craft site on Folksy (click here!)in order to fund a trip to Thailand where she will do a TEFL course and then stay on in the area teaching English.
She has been making beautiful origami Cranes as a clever and long lasting alternative to a greetings card.