Sunday, 29 November 2009

We are in the NEWS !!!!

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It took me a while walking around the larger newsagents in Bury St Edmunds before I tracked down a copy of the Eastern Daily Press, Norfolk's daily paper. But I couldn't believe it when I eventually found the article (my apologies to the other customers in Lorfords for the noise I made). A page and a half article, PLUS, a small picture of me on the front page below which was the caption "More women who have given up the 9 to 5". Most of my friends would have a bit of a smile about that line as a 9 to 5 routine has never really been my sort of thing.

Many months ago I wrote to the paper with an idea for an article about MyPearlBox because our very creative web designer, Ella Goodwin, along with my 2 daughters who provided the artistic graphics for the site, all went to the Norwich School of Art and Design (now known as Norwich University College of the Arts). As it happened the paper were already planning to publish a series of articles about women who had given up mainstream jobs to start their own businesses and, as I was at one time working as a teaching assistant in a Newmarket school which I had to give up whilst I recieved some hospital treatment, this was the angle they decided to use.

Anyhow the article was fantastic, just a shame about the photo they took to use, my only centrefold picture ever and it makes me look ghastly.

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